• Specialists in Business English
  • Situation based exercises (easy to find on demand)
  • Just-in-time learning
  • "Hard skills" + communication "soft" skills + business skills training
  • Global business skills resources on website (webinars, forums, ...)
  • Focus on success of individual business professional


  • Offer Business English in addition to General English training
  • Level based exercises
  • Just-in-case learning
  • Traditional "hard skills" language training
  • Focus on selling levels of learning


Danielle - Business English Place Founder

The founder, main course developer and principal trainer of BusinessEnglishPlace is Danielle Rowley, International MBA and BS in Education. With a career of over 20 years, Ms. Rowley has conducted business and English training for major multinational companies in Greece, Germany, and South Korea. After receiving her International MBA, she has also consulted companies on doing business internationally. With the unique understanding of the needs of the student and business, she can develop training that is effective and maximizes corporate value. Ms. Rowley is currently based in San Diego, California, USA where she regularly conducts BusinessEnglishPlace workshops.


The Rowley Stystem

We offer a proven learning system that combines an understanding of effective adult language learning methods with an understanding of the needs of business.

Lessons are organized by real business situations you would face on your job. So you can access the lesson you need, when you need it. These skill lessons take about 30 minutes to complete. They include speaking and writing skills practice - all online.

Realistic and relevant business communication skills are learned in the context of relevant situations and then reinforced through repetitive exercise.

First, you are exposed to target language in an online scene that immerses you in a realistic business scenario. Then, you practice target language in online, interactive exercises. You can download key dialogues to practice on any mp3 compatible device.

Here's what past participants have said of our training

You really know how to get to the point of what I need to know. - Saman

Realistic, practical activities. In-depth. - Juergen

Excellent teacher. - Monika

Relevant examples were used in a real-life type scenario. The atmosphere was very good. - Markus

The days' programs were realistic and in depth. - Norbert

Training was 100% in English and was very good practice. - Stefan

I will recommend that you be added to the company's list of recommended suppliers and will have no hesitation in recommending that other departments undergo the same training. - Steffen Schlesiona Team Leader, Supplier Audit & Development, TRW Automotive Occupant Safety Systems

The participants are speaking much more freely and appear to have grown in confidence. The final dinner was conducted almost totally in English - this would not have happened before the course! - Eric Lien Sales Manager of a Coca-Cola affiliate in Germany

Through 2012-2013, GM Nameplate had 20 employees at our Dongguan, China, facility enrolled in the BusinessEnglishPlace learning system. Employees participated in both BEP's "Blended" Certificate Courses and 100% online "On Demand" learning. This training helped our employees who had studied English grammar in school but lacked the communication fluency skills needed for everyday business. In addition to learning the appropriate English communication skills for their work, they gained confidence in their abilities thereby increasing their effectiveness on the job. Our local Chinese management and I found that the BusinessEnglishPlace system offers value for international companies in increasing the English communication effectiveness of their staff. We will continue with the program. - Bruce Cleckley (President & CEO | GM Nameplate, INC)

Last year I evaluated and recommended Business English Place for VIA Telecom. I met and interviewed the founder (D. Rowley) in person, and we very impressed with her knowledge of the theory of teaching and language. It is a more complex art than I had imagined, and I was very impressed with her comprehensive organized approach and innovation in this field. VIA Telecom engaged with Business English Place throughout 2012 and into 2013. Employees who used the online training found that it was very helpful and effective. Business English Place has a unique way of focusing on practical business scenarios, which our employees reported was engaging, and facilitated learning. At this point the VIA family of companies is undergoing a complex set of reorganizations, so it is not clear which group will decide training needs in the future. However, I can say that VIA Telecom had a positive experience with BEP, and I would recommend it again in the future within the VIA group. - Mark E. Davis (Ph.D I VP and Chief Technical Officer I VIA Telecom, Inc)

Danielle Rowley - Business English Place CEO
"I personally guarantee that with our 'Performa Learning On Demand™' system you will be more effective and successful in your career."

Danielle Rowley, IMBA Co-Founder / CEO

A few of our satisfied clients

Motorola - Business English Place Client
Danske Bank - Business English Place Client
Coca-Cola - Business English Place Client
Samsung - Business English Place Client
Sony  - Business English Place Client
Hyundai - Business English Place Client