English For Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

Are you working as a Secretary or Administrative Assistant?

No problem! Study our 20 minute lessons online today!
You will learn these skills:

  • Introduce yourself and describe your position
  • Write basic business letters with good sentence structure
  • Handle telephone calls
  • Make appointments
  • Write common emails
  • Communicate effectively with international co-workers
  • Arrange business travel via telephone and Internet
  • Create an informative presentation
  • Provide quality customer service
  • Make small talk
  • Write highly professional business letters following punctuation and capitalization rules
  • Create and give persuasive presentations
  • Communicate effectively (face-to-face, in emails or over the phone) with international co-workers in typical office situations: resolving conflicts, presenting new ideas, giving project updates, and small talk
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Danielle Rowley - Business English Place CEO
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Danielle Rowley, IMBA Co-Founder / CEO

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